5 looks to adopt with a leather jacket ?

A leather jacket is a piece that is unanimous in a woman's wardrobe. In fact, it is not by chance that it is present in all women's wardrobes. With a simple jacket, you can adopt a stylish, trendy and chic look at the same time. So if you don't have one yet, consider buying it. But what looks can you pull off with a leather jacket?

A leather jacket for a rock look

Do you want to step out of your comfort zone and try a new look? If so, go for a rock look. With this look, you won't risk making a faux pas as long as you have your centerpiece like the leather jacket. As you knew, a jacket like this will do the trick, as it will immediately give a rocking touch to your outfit. To get the perfect look, opt for a black perfecto and black pants, too for example. Regarding the tee shirt, bet on the one that is white in color. With accessories like a hat and a pair of glasses, you will look perfect while remaining feminine.

A leather jacket for a chic look and a schoolboy look

With a leather blazer, you can also adopt a chic and elegant look at the same time. For this, you just have to wear it with a little dress with heels. For the dress, you are spoilt for choice, but make sure it doesn't crowd you to be really in the theme. But apart from a chic look, you can also adopt a schoolboy style with a leather jacket. Wear it with a little pleated skirt or simply with jeans for example and the trick will be done.

A leather jacket for a sporty look and a Saharan look

If you like a style a little bit different, that is to say not too feminine nor too masculine, you should know that the perfecto can also be worn very well for a sporty style. For this, you just have to put it over a hoodie. With this look, you can wear sneakers of all kinds. In fact, a leather jacket can go with a variety of looks even the Saharan look. So, to get the perfect Saharan look, opt for a mid-length jacket and leather pants. Just don't forget to wear a panama hat to give your outfit a little freshness.

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