Fashion accessories

The micro-bag: the must-have accessory of the year

Finding a bag that is chic, practical and light is not always easy. With so many models on the market, making a choice can be…

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Is the wedge sneaker really over?

Fashion accessories in their own right, sneakers are dressing room musts, whether you are a man or a woman. Comfortable and casual, they never cease…

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5 ways to tie a scarf

Tying a scarf all around your neck can make your outfit more refined and can help you keep warm on a cold day. But it…

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How to combine gold and silver?

The big trend now is the combination of gold and silver in the jewelry you wear. This is a choice that many don’t dare to…

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The watch: a mandatory accessory in a “perfect look”!

The watch: an accessory that never goes out of fashion and that everyone loves to wear. Besides its functional purpose of showing the time, it…

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