Is the wedge sneaker really over?

Fashion accessories in their own right, sneakers are dressing room musts, whether you are a man or a woman. Comfortable and casual, they never cease to seduce the general public. That's why brands and designers reinvent iconic models every season. The wedge sneakers are part of it. Very popular a decade ago, they are making a comeback and are available in versions more trendy than ever.

Timeless sneakers that are back in force

A decade ago, wedge sneakers saw their popularity explode. Representing a perfect mix between sneakers and wedges, they were invited in all dressings of fashionistas. Combining comfort and style, they adorned the feet of the most fashionable women of the time. Currently, the wedge sneakers are modernized by designers. Their advantage is, without a doubt, that they combine the spirit of sportswear and can gain a few extra inches. For some, this type of sneakers remains a safe bet to have legs visually more elongated. Note that most models today come with more discreet heels and a rather thick sole (depending on the brand).

Easy to adopt shoes

If you loved the originality of wedge sneakers a decade ago, you'll probably still love them. Like any style of sneaker, they're easy to wear and easy to adopt on a daily basis. So no matter what age or style, these shoes deserve to grace the feet of those who feel comfortable in them. Know that you can very well put them on to go out with girlfriends in the evening, to go shopping, etc. and even in the summer if you wish. Also, wedge sneakers can be worn with your jeans as well as your dresses and coats. Moreover, they combine perfectly with other fashion accessories to create a trendy and daring look.

Several versions available

One of the versions of the wedge sneakers is the one by Isabel Marant, the Balskee. This one is equipped with heels of about ten centimeters, with the five hidden in a rather thick sole. Available in several shades, the model offers a set of overstitched and colored leather, with an oversized tongue and a row of velcro closures. Otherwise, there are also zip and lace-up versions. These can come in the form of vans, converse, sneakers, etc.. Moreover, it is not impossible to find versions with prints and those mixing several colors. In all, the current market offers a variety of models to meet all requirements.

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