Shopper’s tips

Flip-flops: how to wear them with style?

Tap shoes are light shoes suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are mainly used for a trip to the beach or pool. The slide…

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Prints: which designs are getting bigger

Whether you are thin or voluminous, there are clothes that are fatal as if they give you more extra pounds. Following the fashion is a…

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Do you have to be thin to wear wide pants?

There are several tips to follow to help thin women be more feminine. Many things like materials or colors or cuts can be used to…

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Animal fur: is it really over?

The fashion industry is divided on the issue of animal fur. Today, the size of the industry exceeds US$40 billion (over €35 billion) and has…

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Shopper’s tip: go for the second hand!

If you are looking for an efficient solution to make interesting purchases at a low price, don’t hesitate to switch to second hand! This alternative…

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