Flip-flops: how to wear them with style?

Tap shoes are light shoes suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are mainly used for a trip to the beach or pool. The slide is always designed to be light and comfortable, allowing the feet to breathe easier in hot weather, just like flip-flops. The difference between them and flip-flops is that their top strap does not separate the big toe from the rest of the foot.

How do flip-flops look like?

In general, flip-flops consist of a sole and a simple lace whose purpose is to secure them to the foot. They mostly don't have a heel, but when they do have a heel, it's not very obvious. Their uppers can probably be smooth and continuous, or they can have fasteners such as buckles or Velcro. Unlike closed front slippers and mules, slides are never closed front, they expose the toes to the outside like the ones you may find inĀ  the Brunello Cucinelli shoe line.

How to choose tap shoes?

It is more recommended to wear laces that fit your feet. First of all, we recommend 4 cm high heels. A thicker sole will provide rigidity, which will help to produce a good kick. It is important to feel good in tap shoes. Choose the size of the dress shoes you usually wear. This won't hurt when you try them on, but they will wrap your feet well. Consider trying on a very thin pair of socks. Sometimes you need to add insoles to get the best fit.

How to wear flip-flops in style?

Generally speaking, people wear flip-flops with a beach look. That is, you can put them with beachwear style swimsuits and ultra-fluid dresses. Then, it all depends on the occasion when you wear them. When going out, you can give them the most charm. Obviously, they will never replace a pair of beautiful pumps. They go to a garden party or brunch, and use loose shirts, linen pants and delicate, elegant dresses to give them a chic atmosphere. Also, with flip-flops, you can opt on the choice of a floral midi skirt. Similarly, you can wear them with slim pants associated with a small printed or light colored blouse.

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