Prints: which designs are getting bigger

Whether you are thin or voluminous, there are clothes that are fatal as if they give you more extra pounds. Following the fashion is a difficult exercise because some details like the badly chosen patterns can have a big disadvantage for your silhouette. The worst is to see you even more voluminous.

Ways to wear a print

Prints give variety to every look. It is one of the best friends to make the body very sexy as well as brighten up the basic things of every piece of clothing. The first thing to do is to highlight the print. It has many colors that open up many possibilities that harmonize. Here are some examples of these big patterns very simple: when you put on clothes like kimono or blazer, avoid the big buttons of golden type because it does not help anymore. Either you put a straight skirt of sober tone, avoid the skirt with veil with big patterns, it will bring more superfluous. There are also pants without pockets and straight. Clothes with big pattern should always be balanced by sober and simple outfit.

Types of prints

There are 7 types of prints that you could use as a pattern. The first is stripes which is a neutral pattern because it goes with all other prints. For vertical stripes that either expand or slim the silhouette. The horizontal ones are the opposite, these patterns enlarge and accentuate the small defects. For the obliques: which are ideal for small breasts. The second is the checks, whether large, medium or small and that you will find on shirts, scarves and also poncho and pants, jacket and coat. The third is the polka dots that is regaining territory in the dressings. The marriage of polka dots and camouflage is perfect. The fourth is the wax which is stylish and very colorful with an ethnic and pop form. It comes from Indonesia, scattered in Holland and Africa. The fifth is the flowers that are a romantic pattern, when they are large. The sixth is the animal print in which it will be necessary to dose the outfit where there is the pattern. The last one is tropical print: that goes with unique and chic pieces. The fabrics they are composed must be fluid.

A print according to the morphology

Be careful with large prints because they will make you fat. If you have muscular thighs and hips, you should avoid printed pants. On the other hand, slim people can wear them all. Also respect the rules of proportion: that is, when you are small, put on thin patterns. It is also ideal to combine prints such as animal print and stripe pattern. But this idea is only valid for thin women.

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