Puffy sleeves are making a comeback!

Puffy sleeves leave no one indifferent. Romantic and very special, they are now a winning trend this year. If you still haven't decided if you like them or not, or if you don't know how to wear them, here are some tips to help you decide.

How to recognize puff sleeves?

Puff sleeves (or balloon sleeves) have a rounded shape and a lot of volume at the shoulders. It's one of those game-changing products - if you wear it, your look changes. Their origins date back to the romanticism of the 19th century, since the 1980s they have been continually reinvented to add personality to styles. In fact, this type of sleeve is perfect for triangular silhouettes, as they cause a visual effect of narrowing the waist by marking the shoulders, thus balancing the silhouette. And what about other silhouettes?

How do you wear puffed sleeves if you don't have a triangular figure?

You can wear puffy sleeves if you have an hourglass body and want to accentuate your waist even more. In fact, if you have an inverted triangle body, choose tops or blouses with discreet puffed sleeves and pair them with looser pants (flared pants). If you have a thin neck, you can wear puffed sleeves in all their versions. But if your neck is rather short, opt for open, round or strapless V-necklines, but avoid closed ones. There's no doubt we'll see puffy sleeves everywhere, on shirts and blouses, oversized dresses and even some sweatshirts.

How to wear puffy sleeves?

Puffy sleeves evoke softness, romance, illusion, so indulge those emotions and wear them without fear! What you won't want to miss is the variety in which you can find puffy sleeves. Countless colors and prints are available for your casual or romantic looks, depending on the combinations you choose. In fact, if you combine it with jeans and sandals, you can create a casual look, but if you choose a satin skirt and stilettos, you will get a much more sophisticated look. If you want to be as bold as possible, opt for an oversized maxi dress with balloon sleeves and ugly sneakers or daddy sandals for those sweltering days. Perforated shirts are cool, romantic and fresh. So add puffed sleeves and the result will be amazing. Wear them with white jeans for a totally white look and a pair of colorful ballet flats for a cool effect.

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