5 ways to tie a scarf

Published on : 07 September 20213 min reading time

Tying a scarf all around your neck can make your outfit more refined and can help you keep warm on a cold day. But it can get boring and not be very visually appealing if you just wrapped it around your neck. A scarf is so versatile that there are almost endless ways to wear it. Here are five ways you can imitate:

The bunny ear and turtleneck

The bunny ear is a scarf style that is a bit more complex. Place the scarf over one shoulder, leaving one end much longer than the other. Wrap the long end around the neck twice, then put it in the second round. Tie the ends with a simple knot to hold them in place. Then place the knot so that it is slightly off-center to give it a fresh touch. Have you ever wanted to cover your neck, yet all your turtlenecks are messy? Wrap the scarf around the neck 3 to 4 times so that it is completely covered. Tie the ends in a knot, then tuck them under the scarf to hide it.

The false infinity loop and the cross wrap

Who needs an infinity scarf? Tie the ends of the scarf with a double knot to create a circle. Pull it over your head, then twist the hanging end to create a figure 8. He pulls the smaller loop over his head again, then welcomes the hanging ends so they are not stacked under each other. The cross scarf is good for shorter scarves, can be done in seconds. Fold the scarf in half lengthwise, then place it over your shoulders. Put the hanging ends through the loop part, then pull them through it to fit the scarf around your neck. Place the loop so that it is on top of your chest and let the ends hang down.

The Half Knot

This style works best with short, thin scarves, so keep the scarves wool or woven. Stretch a rectangular scarf so that it’s flat, then roll it along until it’s straight. Take any end of the rolled scarf and place it over the neck, then tie the ends together in the front. It accommodates the hanging ends so that they fall just below the chin. The beauty of this knot is that it is easy to accommodate. So don’t be afraid to have it bulky a bit if it’s too tight.

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