What is the best color of underwear when wearing white?

Wearing beautiful lingerie is a mark of femininity and sensuality. Sexy, underwear allows to feel comfortable and at ease. Moreover, each woman has the choice of style and model of underwear to highlight her assets. However, it is important to select the right underwear according to the color of the outfit.

The miraculous red, under a white outfit

Recently, white clothes are displayed on the major catwalks of the female trend. Moreover, this choice of color has the chic to perfect the style of clothing, for the heat of the summer. Therefore, wearing red underwear with a white outfit is a safe bet to embellish his look. Combining with the contrasts of the skin, the red brings perfection to your outfit. Accompanied by a red bra, a white top will mark the assets of your silhouette, to perfection. Red is an infallible color that refines and gives a sexier look to white clothes.

A camouflage technique, with garnet red

The choice of an invisible lingerie is very important to be able to wear white clothes. Therefore, the garnet red is among the first selections to adopt a camouflage technique. Its delicacy gives it an advantage of discretion. The character that is close to the color of the skin plays in favor of the garnet red underwear. Also, these colors are perfectly suited to flesh-colored outfits. Sexier than nude, garnet red remains unconditional to enhance your outfit. Adhere to excellence by wearing garnet red, under a white outfit.

Tips for a better choice, invisible lingerie

For any choice of outfit, the discretion of lingerie remains imperative. Therefore, it is necessary to bet on the color of the underwear for more elegance. Thus, the color of lingerie must match the color of the skin. Nude, garnet red, pastel, etc.. Many are the choices available to you. In addition, it is necessary to opt for a soft and fluid material for more satisfaction. For a white outfit, the ideal is to wear red lingerie, without seams or underwire. Also, the criterion of the invisibility of underwear will be conditioned by a choice according to the morphology. Red or nude? Make the choice of your underwear taking into account these criteria to be chic and elegant.

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