How to wear wide pants ?

Don't be intimidated by the look of the season. Underneath it all, wide-leg pants are extremely flattering and work well, too. Follow these tips to create your own foolproof combinations.

Wide Leg Studio Pants

To keep your figure flattering, choose pants that fit snugly around the waist and fall smoothly over the hips and thighs. Paired with a hem that reaches all the way down to the floor, they'll give the illusion of mile-long legs in an instant. Design details, such as front pockets or a high waist, draw attention to the center part of the silhouette. Look for a fitted belt instead, which will provide structure and flattening.

Choose platform or wedge shoes

With the goal of creating the illusion of long, slender legs, wide-leg pants look best when paired with a heel, ideally a platform type. Look for a style that strikes the right balance between a modest heel height and just enough of a platform (about half an inch or less) so that the pant leg drapes nicely over the front of the shoe, without creating a crease in the fabric. Wedges and pumps with stacked heels help, too, to create a sleek look, and can be versatile in terms of heel height. For an effortless yet professional look, a neutral knit sweater in a cropped tunic or turtleneck will tone down the formality of sophisticated pants while, maintaining an air of elegance. This look will take you from office to dinner, and can also serve as cool-weather evening wear if you pair it with quirky earrings and a chic clutch.

Balance the proportions with a loose, slightly cropped top

When incorporating flared garments into your arsenal, it's important to be strategic in your blouse pairing. The wrong fit will engulf your body and hide your shape, while the right fit will give you a modern, figure-flattering outfit. Start by choosing a square design that stops at the waist and incorporates adjustment points, such as darts or seams, to define the curves. You can also create structure with a fitted jacket. Combined with the fluidity of wide silk pants or roomy wool pants, a fitted vest or blazer has a slimming effect and, with its polished look, keeps the suit from looking sloppy. A style that falls below the hip is best worn open over a crop top or tucked-in tee and floor-length pants, while a single-breasted blazer can be worn with a fitted tee or silky blouse, and will help define the waist.

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